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Community Action for Advancing Sustainable Development (CAASDEV) with MOTTO– Action for Developmentis a youth led non-governmental, apolitical and non-denominational organization founded in 2017 against the backdrop of increasing poverty, increasing peace deterioration, youth unemployment, poor agricultural yields due to increasing unsustainable agricultural practices and lack of access to vocational training facilities for vulnerable groups especially women and children.
CAASDEV was initially registered as a common initiative group in 2017 with registration number NW/GP/001/17/16492, and later updated to an association on the 29th of October 2021 with registration number 38/E.29/1111/VOL.8/ALPAS in conformity with law No 90/053 of 19th December 1990.
CAASDEV is run by a group of young, agile, versatile and enthusiastic young Cameroonians with a 4-man board of directors who are responsible for overseeing and supervising the activities of the organization. There is the executive director who heads the organization and directs her activities with a programs coordinator who is responsible for managing all projects/program activities including all project constraints such as cost, schedule, risk, human resources, quality, procurements and stakeholders. He also heads the Programs management office (PMO) and supports fundraising initiatives aimed at funding the organizations activities. Each program within the organogram has a sub-program coordinator who reports directly to the Programs Manager with field workers who coordinate field activities. There is a financial administrator who handles all organizations funds, disbursements and payments. We also have volunteers and interns who are distributed across the various projects and activities of the organization depending on their stipulated internship objectives.

Our Objectives

CAASDEV objectives include but are not limited to;
a)To promote youth leadership, vocational training and creation of micro-social enterprises as a strategy for building more and better employment opportunities for young people
b)To strengthen inclusive community participation in the fight against GBV in society
c)To promote peace building by supporting the processes of conflict resolution, social cohesion and reconciliation in conflict-affected and post conflict communities
d)To combat climate change and protect endangered wildlife and ensure food security through the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and alternative livelihood
e)To strengthen the capacity of young people to actively participate in democracy and good governance
f) To promote access to portable water and improve general hygiene and sanitation in schools and underprivileged communities.


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