Strengthening Resilience of Women and Girls Affected By Conflict To Fight Against Gender Based Violence In Kumbo Central Subdivision of The North West Region Cameroon

Funded by: Canada Fund for Local Initiatives

In the conflict-affected North-West region of Cameroon, we initiated a transformative project aimed at countering Gender-Based Violence (GBV) targeting vulnerable teenage and young women in 4 communities in Kumbo sub division namely: Meluf, Melim, Njavnyuy and Kimbo. Key achievements include:

  • Economic Empowerment: Empowered 30 GBV survivors, aged 15-25, from Meluf, Melim, Njavnyuy, and Kimbo. These survivors were trained in various livelihood activities and now independently manage businesses in tailoring, hairdressing, carpentry, welding, poultry farming, and embroidery. This economic independence not only offers them a livelihood but bolsters their self-worth and societal status.
  • Health Access: Enhanced healthcare access for the 30 survivors by registering them with the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province Health Assistance (BEPHA) while providing them mental and psychosocial support
  • Community Mobilization: Established a community communicators committee, consisting of 20 trained community leaders. These leaders are equipped with posters and flyers, detailing strategies to combat GBV and advertise available referral centers for support.
  • Youth Leadership: Formed a Youth Leadership Network against GBV with 20 trained youths from targeted communities. They’ve been equipped with awareness materials and tools to lead community outreach campaigns, amplifying the voice against GBV and ensuring long-term impact.

Through these initiatives, the project not only provides direct assistance to GBV survivors but fosters a community-wide culture of awareness, prevention, and empowerment.

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